Talk to someone - You are not alone!


We believe part of the growing suicide epidemic is due to a lack of access of the relevant and identifiable options that work to actually solve, resolve, and/or dissolve the real-life and right-now problem(s) officers face. When a person cannot see what needs to be seen and recognized, suicide can ultimately be perceived as the “only” real remedy-based option. This is a lie which, of course, has unending consequences to the survivors left behind.

Instead, we believe that “doing something to help” involves more than just talk; it involves being provided with action-based strategies which actually work to solve what is being thought of as unsolvable.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Mary DiPaolo, M.A., LLP, a Michigan-based and licensed Ltd. Lic. Psychologist, for this purpose.


 We will provide, at no cost to the officer, completely confidential individual online/phone consultations with Mary DiPaolo for a maximum of three 45-minute consultations. 

Officers participating in this service will be able to register for and obtain this help while maintaining complete confidentiality, including use of a pseudonym if desired. As a state-licensed mental health professional who has over fifteen years experience working with survivors of various forms of abuse and trauma, Mary will provide you with the tools you need regarding your own “next step” strategies. 


These strategies may include, but are not limited to evidence-based skills training and techniques as same pertains to PTSD and other anxiety spectrum-based symptomology, education-based materials, additional resources available within your geographic territory, and a new way at looking at yourself and your situation with hope and anticipation---rather than fear and desperation. 

We hope by offering officers access to Ms. DiPaolo’s service through at NO COST, we can help end the stigma associate with seeking help.

PLEASE NOTE: Ms. DiPaolo is unable to diagnose Axis I-V disorders through this service, nor develop individualized treatment plans. This is a free consultation-based service; it is not a replacement for individual psychotherapy with a licensed professional in the officer’s state of residence.

If you have immediate plans to harm yourself or another, this service is not an appropriate option. Instead, you would need to call your local medical emergency number within your state of residence (such as 911) or proceed immediately to your nearest local hospital’s Emergency Room Dept.

We are in this together!